If You Like Fighters & Free, Buy Skullgirls NOW!


Skullgirls creator Autumn Games launched a Kickstarter campaign a month ago so that they could fund adding a new character to the game w/o having to charge for DLC (what they estimate as being about $150k).  I was going to post about this back when it began but didn’t think that it was that interesting of a story, there’s just way too much math in the above picture to interest me.  However the Kickstarter didn’t just hit the goal mark, it blew it up with a grenade launcher and danced on the corpses that remained hitting a whopping $829, 829.  What does this mean you ask?  Well the free DLC just got a whole lot sweeter and now is the perfect time to pick up a copy for yourself!  Check out this list of free goodness:

  • First Character: Squigly
  • Second Character: Big Band
  • Third Character: By Fan Vote
  • Fourth Character: By Fan Vote
  • Fifth Character: Robo-Fortune
  • Squigly’s Stage
  • Squigly’s Story
  • Big Band’s Stage
  • Big Band’s Story
  • Fan-selected Character #1’s Stage
  • Fan-selected Character #1’s StoryMode
  • Fan-selected Character #2’s Stage
  • Fan-selected Character #2’s StoryMode
  • Bonus Stage: River King Casino
  • Bonus Stage: Glass Canopy
  • Voice Pack: “Republican Double”
  • Voice Pack: “Robo-Fortune”
  • Voice Pack: “Female Announcer”
  • Voice Pack: “Salty Parasoul”
  • Voice Pack: “Drunk FGC Commentator”
  • Voice Pack: “Valley Girl Painwheel”
  • Voice Pack: “Saxploitation”
  • Voice Pack: “Anime Peacock”
  • Voice Pack: “Real Soviet Announcer”

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