Metal Gear games have always been amazing with a smidgen of crazy thrown in but this Metal Gear Solid V seems to be going over the top.  I’ll get to some of the great things to be seen in the above trailer and the below gameplay footage but let’s talk about Kojima’s apparent fascination with Moby Dick this go around.  He showed off the FOX engine under the guise of a fake company called Moby Dick and now the game has some very strange tones that I’m assuming are only the tip of the iceberg.  The gentleman that hepls you at the beginning, with his face all bandaged up, responds to your request for a name with the very famous “Call me Ishmael”.  I chuckled when I heard that but as soon as I saw the GIANT FLAMING SKY WHALE devour a Helo at the 3 minute of the above trailer, I threw my hands up in a major WTF!

Now for the other cool parts.  I like that they are going to make you go through the first 15 minutes of the game crawling on the floor because your body forgot how to walk.  I like that “Ishmael” sounds like he’s voiced by Kiefer Sutherland.  Even though I have no idea what role he has, I dig the giant flaming Djinn (Ifrit?) that attacks the hospital.  What do you think of the new stuff?  Are you excited too?  I sure as hell am!


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