Crysis, Battlefield, and Call of Duty had a Baby!

So Battlefield 4 has shown off in both a 60 second TV spot and 17 minute gameplay clip showing off some single player action. Needless to say, they upped the graphics ante once again. It’s an absolutely beautiful looking game, with the only thing I can really compare it to right now is Crysis 3. The lighting, character models, cloth, and vegetation made me have to change my pants a few times. The single player seems to take the Call of Duty/Michael Bay route of large set pieces and scripted action, which needless to say I’m not a huge fan of. There was a glimpse of some Battlefield action when the player hoped in a vehicle, ditched his homies and drove up ahead, only to switch to the .50 on the back and mow some people down. This I did like, as well as what looks to be like the ability to order your squad mates around and call in air strikes for a friendly helicopter hanging out in the area.  The enemy AI looks to need work, as they didn’t react to a wall being blown up right next to them.

However, when they bug fix over at DICE, they come prepared.

DICE killing bugs

Check out the trailer below, and marvel at all the birds!


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