Bloody Offense Armor Mouse Pad Review

Are mouse pads really that important? I used to not think so, and I was a damn fool, a damn fool I tell ya. I’ve used my desk’s surface and a cheap roll up pad I got for free in college. Then I went to E3, and I got a nice pad from the DXRacer booth, and eventually a mouse from Bloody with those orgasmic metal feet, and it was a game changer. Then Bloody sent me their Offense Armor mouse pad for this review and now I’m not so sure I want to lend it to Jason.


Using the the DXRacer large mouse pad next to Bloody’s let’s you see the difference in quality. The mouse glides so much smoother on the quality pad that Bloody makes. The looks of it are not for the minimalist. The gun graphics on the pad are crisp and clear, but those looking for just a simple mouse pad, this is not it. What it is though is a high quality mouse pad that you can roll up, stick it in the round container, and take it with you to LANs and be the envy of everyone there as your mouse glides across it.

For those that read this far, I salute you for putting up with my sad attempt to review a mouse pad. TL;DR: this mouse pad really good, you go buy if you need mouse pad.

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