Bloody Launches Third Generation Light Strike Keyboards

At E3 last year Bloody showed off their new Libra switches, which represent the third generation of the Light Strike switches. The new switches impressed us with the ability to completely remove the switch from the keyboard, not just the key cap. They also featured a stabilizing bar for each key, differentiating it from the gen 2 Light Strike switches. The keyboards and other offerings they had on display there was enough to get a Best of E3 2017 award from us.

Fast forward to CES, and Bloody again came out showing them off, but this time with sweet ass shirts. Not only that, they had individual switches (remember, they are fully removable, easily too, without any tools) to hand out. I was not able to attend CES this year, but I was able to use Amazon and buy a shirt, which thankfully came with these switches. Yes, switches, as the shirt purchase came with brown and orange LK3 Libra switches. The brown switches are very smooth, without the click mechanical keyboards are known for. This makes them ideal for offices, unless you enjoy annoying your neighbor that is. The orange switch though gives you that tactile and clicky feel. It’s nice to have both options available, as tastes differ. This was true when I brought the switches to Killer Queen league night at Bonus Round and passed them amongst patrons to try out. It seemed to be a fifty fifty split on which they preferred. Personally, I prefer the tactile orange switches.

How do they compare to my own Bloody B740A with first gen switches? After some side by side comparison, the B740A has a feel somewhere in between the two, with a smooth linear feel, but still some keyboard noise of the keys hitting. It doesn’t have the noticible click of the orange switch, and has a slightly heavier feel. The Libra switch should offer faster typing, or in the case of it’s intended purpose, quicker key strokes presses for gaming. The newer keyboards also offer full RGB lighting, while my B740A back lighting isn’t customizable.  This is something I dinged it on in my review, and I’m glad that the newer ones have that in place.

If you have been waiting for these to come out, or just happen to be in the market for a new keyboard, you are in luck because they are now on sale. Bloody offers it without a numpad, or a numpad on the right or left side, depending on your personal preference. I’ve posted the Amazon links below for your convenience, you’re welcome.

B930 Amazon Link

B975 Amazon Link

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