Nintendo Switch Online Coming in September

Nintendo revealed that it’s paid online service will finally launch this September. Little is actually known how it’ll work, but it looks like it’ll still use the app for voice chat which is a drag. Pricing for Nintendo’s service is far cheaper than that of it’s rivals PlayStation and Xbox, costing a third of the price at $19.99 for a full year as opposed to $59.99. 1 month costs only $3.99 and 3-month is $7.99. Subscribing has it’s benefits beyond just online play and the so-so app, as it’ll give you exclusive eShop deals and the Classic Game Selection.

Yup, the Virtual Console is finally coming to the Switch, with a rotating list of classic Nintendo games that will be free for one month. It has been noted earlier that after the month is over, you will have the option to buy the game to keep playing. This is where it differs from PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, as both let you keep the games as long as you are still subscribing. The lower cost of the service makes this less of an issue, and it remains to be seen how much these classic games will cost. Some of the games mentioned are Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight, and Dr. Mario. These titles have been upgraded with online features like leaderboards and multiplayer play, at least where it makes sense.


The low cost is certainly a nice touch, but the real win here is the classic games we’ll be getting access to. What classic games are you hoping they bring to the Switch?

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