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If you haven’t watched the Fate anime series we couldn’t blame you since it’s not a super well known IP, but man have you been missing out.  Touted as one of the best visual novel series out there, the Fate series circles around Earths greatest heroes from past, present, and future, locked in battle in the Holy Grail War.  We had a chance to play the stand-alone Fate Extella game at E3 and were pleasantly surprised.  It will initially look like a standard Dynasty Warriors style hack and slash, but it has a bit more depth than the norm.  Xseed built their own engine take the best parts of the Dynasty Warriors fights but expand on the game-play and moves that you can execute.  Since all of the characters in the game are the greatest warriors from all over time they obviously overpower all lesser enemies, but Xseed made DW battles look like the turnout for a garage bands first show.  With so many enemies on the screen at once it definitely gives you a lot to look at and slaughter.

The Story is supposed to take place after all of the current series arcs and was written specifically for this game.  The basic gist is that one character won the last holy war and was rewarded with the regalia, a symbol that basically makes them the ruler of all heroes.  When a second hero shows up sporting the same ring, nobody knows who to follow and a civil war ensues.  Xseed hasn’t confirmed any more than 3 playable characters but from what we’ve seen there should be a good amount of the series greats available in the story.  Just check out the video below.

Fate Extella officially won an IBeatItFirst.com Best of E3 Award, so it’s definitely one to look out for.  There is no release date available as of yet but we will certainly keep you updated as one is announced by Xseed.

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