New Berserk Warriors Trailer Surfaces, Evil Runs and Hides

I’m going to be very straightforward on this, the video below may or may not be NSFW.  That being said, FUCK YEAH!  There has been a lot of talk about a Berserk game coming out in Japan and it even recently a release date (9/21/16), without any game footage being shown.  We now have that footage!

Based on the Manga/Anime of the same name, Berserk is the story of The Black Swordsman Guts and his quest for redemption & revenge.  The game is supposed to go through many different story arcs, making it the deepest that Berserk has gone outside of the Anime.  If this is true you should be able to see the early days of the Band of the Hawk, the ultimate betrayal that takes down the army, and even see Guts receive his amazing Berserk armor.  While this is a “Warriors” game, it appears that it will differ from most others in that style specifically because of the gratuitous violence and blood.  Berserk is one of the most violent, gruesome, and generally messed up anime’s that you can ever watch, and the Manga really went into weirdsville territory after they entered the Fantasia Arc (you know, if you can consider any of the previous portions of the story normal).  No word on whether this game will make it out of Japan, but since PS4’s aren’t region locked you should be able to buy this and ignore the dialogue anyway.  We’ll keep you updated of any additional knews that comes out.

BTW, major props to Google on the translation of the YouTube description from Japanese to English:

Omega Force new “Berserk Warriors”
and the dark fantasy of monument “Berserk,” “Warriors” is a collaboration!
To bisect the enemy, sword crush “Ki潰(Zankai) action” to achieve the history most evil of “Warriors” is here! PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita will be released

WOW, just wow!

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