Looking forward to the new Thief game? I know I am. Square-Enix  has just released a video of the first mission fully in game, and without any annoying commentary.  Yes, the person playing obviously took their time to show the “drama” of the mission, but hey better that than rushing through everything haha.

If you don’t like spoilers, its only the first mission, and remember each mission can be played multiple different ways, and, Oh yeah…ITS 17 freaking minuets long…

Anyway, why are you still reading this? Go Watch the video!

The version we are seeing is the PC build, but from what I have heard you can expect similar (if not better depending on your PC) quality on the PS4 and Xbox1.  Thief will be making gamers turn up their gamma on February 25th  and will be available for all major platforms.

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