The Titanfall Beta is now active and people are flooding the interwebs with gameplay videos.  The Beta currently only has limited choices but it can at least give you a basic look on how the frenzy and gameplay will work.

This video features a Max settings PC build, as I am kinda scared to try to load a video from the Xbox One.  Any way, this can give you a basic idea on the graphics and frantic nature of the game.

I will say I was a little disappointed with the current mode, doesn’t seem to have much strategy outside of kill anything that moves.  Titans also appear to be magnets for destruction as every player has Anti-Titan weapons.  I will say the Epilog was kinda interesting, a short after the game is over mode to “escape” the battle field if you lost.   Titanfall is set to be released to the public on the PC and Xbox One March 11th.  Personally I still cant shake the fear that we are looking at another Brink disaster… What are your thoughts?

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