We told you about Everquest Next Landmark back in August from SOE Live, and now the Alpha is here, and I was lucky enough to get myself a key to the Everquest Next Landmark Alpha, and now that it’s installed, come watch me make pathetic attempts to build cool stuff in the Everquest Next Landmark Alpha!

Head on over to our twitch channel and feel free to call me dumb in the chat room.


You can view the play through on Twitch here¬†in case you missed the stream. The game still needs some optimization, as streaming while playing slowed down my computer more than other games have, such as Planetside 2. This is definitely Minecraft on steroids. The ability to manipulate the size of the voxel, smooth them, round them, and cut them at an angle give you tremendous building power, and people have used that to their advantage by making some amazing structures. The game is still early in development, so things like water aren’t in the game yet. What you really want to know or not is if you should get this game or not, but that all depends on if you like Minecraft/aren’t burned out on voxels. If you answer yes, then get this game.

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