Tales From the Borderlands Announcement Trailer

A bit of older news but I wanted to shed my own two cents on it.  Remember how much I love Borderlands?  Remember how much I love Borderlands 2?  Well TellTale games recently announced their newest episodic game will be based in the world of Borderlands and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am a major fan of TellTale’s awesome The Walking Dead games, but as you can imagine anything based in the world of Pandora will be even more AWESOME-ER-ER (the extra er is for ERIDIUM) !  As long as the writing and characters are still outstanding I look forward to returning to Pandora later this year! The only question that remains is how the world of Borderlands will handle the transition from FPS to what I can only imagine will be an adventure title…..(who am I kidding, there are no questions! It has Jack, therefore it will be awesome!)

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