Day Two has started for the Summer of Jason (SoJ if you are slow) And I have already cleared two games from my line up.  Im not going to IBIF Shadow of the Colossus as its just the HD release of the Playstation 2 game from 2005, and if I were to write about all of the games I have beaten we would be here for all eternity (seriously no life lol)

Shadow of the Colossus was one of my favorite games when it came out 7 years ago and I, of course, am not the only one.  SotC has also receieved multiple awards and is also one of the main forerunners in the “Game is Art” front.   Graphically SotC has not exactly kept its beauty over the past years.  Obviously the Colossi steal the show and look amazing but just about everything else still looks the same as it did 7 years ago.  This isnt a big deal as it wasnt a remake but it is something to think about.  In all I enjoyed my time playing this classic again.  What was really amazing was how fondly I remembered the game but how little I remembered everything.   All in all I enjoyed my time but it is not meant for people with little or no patience.

As you can see again not much better but it is clearer.

Intermisson:  I recently also Downloaded the download game Inferno Pool.  What I was wanting was a full pool simulation experience what I got is a pool multiplayer arcade.  Inferno Pool isnt bad its just not what I was looking for the closest you can get to playing pool is 8 or 9 ball outside of that there is Inferno mode,  think battle pool where balls that are pocketed get sent to the other players table its ok but not what I was looking for.  For what its worth I would give it 4/10.

Inferno pool multiplayer, more like multiheadache

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