Day Three is well underway and I have finally gotten a chance to really pour into the inFAMOUS series.  Sony has been kind enough to have given me both games for free.  I got inFAMOUS 1 for the giant PS3 hack and inFAMOUS 2 from being on PSPlus.  I guess the SoJ is the best time to be getting these games off of my lineup.

So far I have been enjoying my time with inFAMOUS 1 and am surprised I waited so long to play it.  Although I have wanted to rush through my gaming collection this week I can already feel the urge/need to platinum this game.  I have started the game on hard and we will see how quickly I can boar though it (at least to warrant a second play through).  Keep track of the Twitter feed if you have any need/desire/insane wish to follow in my exploits.

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