SOE Developing New Star Wars Galaxies, Minus Star Wars

John Smedley, President of SOE, recently held a AMAA over the closure of 4 games, but it was revealed that SOE was working on a currently unannounced game, dedicated to fans of Star Wars Galaxies (hey, that’s me!).

SWG2So is this Star Wars Galaxies 2? Not quite.


So, not Star Wars, but a new IP altogether. Yup, that’s all we know at this point, but that’s not fun, so let’s speculate! If we take a look at Everquest Next, we see the Emergent AI and the destructible world, and I’d say those would likely make it in, hmm, what do we call this game? Galaxies Next? Galaxies 2? IP Galaxies? How about GNext? Yeah, let’s go with that for now. So I’m going to say Emergent AI and a destructible world for GNext. Since GNext is dedicated to SWG vets, sandbox is a given, with player cities and housing.  I expect it to also be set in a sci-fi setting, but really, anything is possible. I also suspect a faction system, where you don’t choose your side at the beginning, but have the option of joining in the game as it was in Galaxies. Professions should also make a comeback. As for an official announcement, I would expect to hear something at SOE Live this year, so you know, plan on going to that and buying me beer, or a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich, either would work. Thanks.

What do you think will be in GNext?


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