SOAP BOX RANT: Is Gearbox Borderline Racist?

NO, the answer is no!  There was an argument over twitter about whether Tiny Tina in BL2 was racist or not and I thought that I should chime in a little bit on this.  Watch the video above and then click the READ MOAR if you would like to hear my take on this.

If you think that she’s racist then you my friend are an idiot.  Is it satire?  ABSOLUTELY!  After reading through the twitter “discussion” about this it did bring up a couple of questions about what exactly the people found racist.  Is it the lingo itself that is racist?  Is it that they used a white character to portray what the arguers are calling “talking like them urban folk”?  Would you have found it more or less offensive if they used a black character instead?  Do you not like that Tiny Tina is “talking like them urban folk” while setting up a tea party?  Are you borderline retarded because you ate paint chips as a kid, your mom drank while she was pregnant, you were dropped on your head as a baby, or all of the above?  Seriously though certain things really are racist and need to have a stop put to them, but this is not one of them.  The sheer fact that you immediately think “THAT’S RACIST BECAUSE THEY ARE SAYING THIS IS HOW BLACK PEOPLE TALK” when it’s a white character is more racist than if the character actually was racist.  But I’m just one man; what does everyone else think?  Be sure to check out the Kotaku article to read excerpts of the twitter “discussion”

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