Story: Everyone over the age of 13 dies from some mysterious disease and vampires descend on the city to round up all the surviving children. After rounding them up and spreading their propaganda, they bring them to their underground city to be used as cattle to supply them with blood. The first episode is incredibly brutal, but after the main protagonist Yu escapes, he finds out that not all what the vampires said is true. He becomes enlisted in the Demon Eradication Unit to fight the vampires and other monsters as humans attempt to take back the city.

Themes: Supernatural, Vampires, Apocalyptic

Where and When to Watch: Funimation.


Review: This is what I said in the Spring Anime Preview after watching the first episode:

Holy shit this is a dark show. They could have easily dragged the first episode into an entire season or movie. It opens with everyone dieing and a group of kids from an orphanage being taken by vampires. That in itself could be an episode, or how one of them struggles to view the others as family, as his family was no treat that got him there. Then there is the struggle they go through to survive once captured by the vampires, and that ending. Oh that ending. That ending is season finale worthy. Watch this show, but just know that it is extremely dark.

Yeah, that first episode was intense. The show settles down after that, with Yu being put into school with the stipulation that he must be able to make a friend before being allowed to enter training, and eventually the front lines. It never reaches the height of the first episode, in quality or brutality. Yu is a bit of a brat on the surface, only caring about killing vampires and not about being friends with anyone. He is very cocky and stubborn, but as he makes friends throughout the season, he realize he cares deeply for his friends. This is echoed with the other characters in the story, who often seem to put on a show on the surface to keep a certain image, while being someone different on the inside. This not only extends to the characters of the show, but also to the humans and vampires themselves. According to the vampires, the humans are the ones that caused the disease that killed many of them off, and are a danger to the planet. On the other hand, they want to use them as cattle. The vampires are portrayed the evil ones in the show, but then again they are the ones trying to stop global annihilation, seeing that as the end of the path that the humans insist on heading down. It may not be the greatest show, but it is one of the better ones of the Spring season and is worth a watch. Sereph returns in October, and I’m looking forward to how it carries on from there.

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