Rage 2, a game no one really asked for after the original turned out to be somewhat of a let down, has been announced. Rage as a shooter was great, and it had great looking characters. The spider bot was a particular favorite of mine from the game. It’s story and driving however fell very short. Jason gets in to how that game failed here.

The game though did sell well though, well enough at least to get a sequel. A long time has also passed, so maybe people have forgot? Short memories and all that. Id Software has recovered from Rage, releasing the excellent Doom and two Wolfenstein games since then.

Bethesda released a live action teaser trailer yesterday, and then a gameplay trailer today. This time Avalanche is making Rage 2, which you may know them better as the team that made the Just Cause series. From the looks of the trailer, it looks to be more of a spiritual successor, as it doesn’t look to share too much from Rage, which should benefit the sequel. Think of it more of a Just Cause set in the Rage world, with an emphasis on the over the top, a dose of comedy all set in a post apocalyptic open world. As a frame of reference, I’ve included the original Rage trailer to see how these two differ in theme.

Rage 2 is currently set to release in 2019 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Personally, I just hope Nicholas Cage is in it.


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