Patch Notes
Patch Notes
Patchnotes 5 - You Are NOT Bunnygirl

The guys sit down with (Just) Jordan to discuss his game in development, You Are NOT Bunnygirl.

Protect Bunnygirl from her foes

In You Are NOT Bunnygirl, you control a robot who wakes up deep underground. You must protect her from her malfunctioning siblings, the dangers of the Lab, and even her own emotions.


  • Manage Physical and Emotional Health in a story about self-care
  • Explore an atmospheric world with a minimalistic color aesthetic
  • Synth-based soundtrack with lots of reverb
  • Emotionally scarred NPCs
  • The save point is a couch
  • The save point is also a lesbian
  • The save point will yell at you if you’re bad at the game

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