NeuroVoider* looks like a hell of a good time. Okay, maybe it’s the synthwave in the launch trailer that sold me, but just watch, just watch it.

NeuroVoider*  is a twin-stick shooter, you know, where one analog stick is used for movement, and the other, well, shooting things. In this case, you are shooting evil robots who are just trying to party. Oh, and you shoot them with nuclear rocket launchers, and you are a brain. You can play with up to 4 other players in sweet sweet local co-op. You can play it now on Steam, or March 14th on PS4, March 17th on Xbox One, and sometime this year on Nintendo Switch. We’ve reached out for a review copy, so once we get our hands on it, we’ll let you know how it plays. Below are some nifty details they shared with us on the game in their press release:

  • Action packed top-down shooting. May include explosions.
  • Local multiplayer up to 4 players. Total coop rampage.
  • Procedurally generated content and hazards. Hope you don’t mind a few game overs.
  • 8736 unique enemies to blow up. Yes, we counted.
  • Tons of loot to customize your character with. Explode your foes with that “double twin-plasma shotgun of father doom” you’ve just dropped.
  • Gigantic bosses to challenge your bullet dodging skills. Chances are that they don’t fit on your 4K monitor.
  • Powerful dark synth music by Dan Terminus. May your ears survive the beat.

Who else is ready to kill some evil robots with me?

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