Now I am not the biggest of fighting fans as fighting style games are not my forte, However I remember as a kid standing in line at Arcades back in the day just to get a chance to play the first Mortal Kombat, and when I would lose to someone who was able to pull off a Fatality I knew that I was fighting against someone really good.  Later on it was also the best feeling the world to beat someone down then add insult to injury as you destroyed them with a perfect fatality execution, the risk being where if you were unable to pull it off meant even the best of victories felt flat.

Well now-a-days all you have to do is pay a little extra and you can unlock EASY FATALITIES lol


That’s right everyone, instead of actually learning to play the game or practice to get better you can now simply PAY to pull off fatalities.  What is absolute bullshit is that other fighting games have this as an option you can turn on and off (ALREADY IN GAME), or even have cheat codes you could enter, now they just want more money…

“OH! you want to see all that your game you just purchased has to offer?  Well you better pay up more!!” -Netherrealm’s Dev (probably)

This has me thinking that maybe they made the fatalities extra hard to pull off this time around just to see if they could squeeze a few extra dollars out of suckers unwilling (or unable) to sink the time to learn the moves.  The other kicker is that they are one time use LOLOLOL.

Its a free market, so I cant be too upset, plus Fatalities are not necessary to play the game, but this is just another example of a cheap Bullshit excuse companies are using to try and squeeze as much money out of you as possible.  Buyer Beware or else the only fatality you will experience is on your wallet.

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