Kinect + Skyrim = FUS RO DAH!

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The Skyrim updates are now pouring in.  Due out later this month an update that will integrate Kinect support in Skyrim.   According to the video it appears the Kinect will only be used for voice commands. So no swinging your arms or aiming with an imaginary bow…yet.

With the Kinect update you will be able to use your own voice to us the shouts, as you will use them by name….provided you actually took the time to learn and memorize how to say all the shouts in a fake dragon language.  Aside from all the extra shouting, you will also be able to navigate the menus quicker, talk and issue commands to a follower, and sort your items when bartering.

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Personally I probably wont be shouting FUS RO DAH at my tv any time soon, but the option to sort items by value or weight will be an awesome and welcome addition.

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