Shit, I might need to buy a Wii U.  Kotaku has a great article about the origins of creating a Dynasty Warriors game in Hyrule, and it’s a pretty good read.  It appears that Nintendo is finally unafraid to embrace the fact that their consoles are primarily ways for gamers to get their Zelda/Mario/Metroid fix, and they’re not afraid to admit it.  It sure looks pretty, and the hack and slash approach to the Zelda universe does seem to fit, but I don’t know if they’re going to be able to give the character progression the proper Zelda feel.  Tecmo Koei has definitely moved leaps and bounds when it comes to story progression, but Link is usually on a quest that gets interrupted by another quest that requires a lot of thinking and exploring to accomplish, not just running around and indiscriminately killing anything that looks at you wrong.  What are your thoughts people?  Below are some pics from the game, including I think one of the most buxom female characters referenced in the Zelda Universe, and the original teaser from Nintendo from Back in December.  Hyrule Warriors is set for release on 8/14/2014 in Japan and has an unannounced World Wide date.

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