Introducing Cutscene

We here over at are huge nerds if you couldn’t tell that already, so we decided to expand the site beyond just covering video games. When we aren’t playing video games, we like to watch Anime, read Manga, and attend Comic Cons where we make our best attempt at Cosplay, with Eric doing better than Chris. So we thought, hey, why not add a new section to the site and start writing about what we are already doing? So after much soul searching, we decided to call this new section Cutscene. Cutscene is where we will be posting reviews of the latest Anime series, any Manga we happen to be reading, our failed Cosplay attempts and those who are made by people who actually know what they are doing. It’s even got some reviews up of various Anime series from this past winter season! So if any of that interests you, just click the Like Anime? button on top or head over to


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