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I once again made my way out to FilmBar in Phoenix, Arizona to see the conclusion to the Rorouni Kenshin live action trilogy. How does Part 3 stack up to the first two? Not very well. It was still a very good adaptation mind you, but the bar set by Parts 1 and 2 left […] [...]

We are now entering the first anime season after Funimation and Crunchyroll’s partnership, and now we get a better idea of what that means. As Crunchyroll has started rolling out the subbed simulcasts, Funimation has announced which ones from the Fall, and even Summer seasons, will be getting [...]

I was able to see Rurouni Kenhsin Part 2 at FilmBar in Phoenix, Arizona. Part 1 was a great adaptation, and Part 2 proved to be as well. Part 2 was far better, mainly do to packing more action that Part 1. Fans of the anime could see this coming as the action in the […] [...]

Anime streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation Now have joined up to bring you more anime to you. Funimation Now will focus on bringing you dubbed anime as Funimation always has, while Crunchyroll will be your destination for subbed anime. So what does this really mean? Crunchyroll will begin c [...]