Quick update on some great games soon to be reviewed and torn asunder, here at I Beat It First.









Nice to see a slew of new games.  Also, of course, RAGE comes out tonight/tomorrow.







Deciding if I wanna go to the Midnight release tonight….maybe.  Also it looks like the Xbox version will be 3 disks again and the PS3 version will be just one disk (but will have a hefty instal prior to playing).  I know I preordered on Xbox 360 but I may just have to move to ps3…I donno… What do you think?


Also I think I have a DL code for Halo Reach, obviously on Xbox 360.  I don’t believe I will ever pick this one up again so I was thinking of putting the code up for grabs.  Any Ideas on how to decide who to give it to/anybody want it?

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