Pathea Games, the makers of the RPG My Time at Portia, have released a demo on Steam for their new puzzle adventure game Ever Forward. In Ever Forward, you take control of Maya, a 12 year old girl in what seems to be a dystopian future. In the demo, you awaken on a beach and where you find these mysterious red lava and rock formations that will have some item from Maya’s past in the center. This has to do with the fact that Maya is in a dream like state that you are exploring to unlock her memories. As you approach these anomalies in the world, you are transported into a land of square pillars.

This is where you will solve different puzzles, each one unlocking a new memory. The puzzles themselves involve activating objects using blocks and avoiding sentry turrets that will instantly vaporize you. These puzzles tend to be quite challenging, albeit short to complete. It usually takes me around 10 minutes or so to figure out how to solve each puzzle, and then complete it successfully. Lots of trial and error, and then going oh, of course once you finally figure it out. As for the story, these small fragments only give you hints, and I’m really looking forward to getting more time with the game to unravel more of the story. If you are a fan of the Mirror’s Edge aesthetic and Portal, I’d definitely give this game a try. Plus, the demo is free, so what are you waiting for? The full game releases in July of this year on Steam for $14.99, and on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch in late winter.

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