Nintendo came out swinging this year with a few great titles to add to their Switch platform.  The easiest popular winner of the show being no other than the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.  As a huge SSB fan I was beyond ecstatic to hear that fan favorites like Snake from MGS and Sonic would be coming back, with a major follow up to their their “it has everybody” mentality, even boasting a total 66 playable characters.  However, if I know anything about the SSB franchise you can expect a ton more secrets and hidden characters probably even after the game is released this December 7th.

Initial impressions of the game support the same intense combat with super tight controls however, I found using the Joycons to be a huge pain, thankfully the pro controller handles the game a little better but, the best way to play is the fact you can bring in your old GameCube controller (arguably the best SSB controller).  With this it is apparent that Nintendo is setting up SSB:U to be the “Ultimate” Smash experience and will probably try to push all future tournaments and eSports to their new platform.

For a full break down/ announcement video from the Nintendo check out this almost 30 minute video (a clear indicator of the amount of stock Nintendo is putting into SSB) which was about half of their entire E3 opening presentation:

If you are a fan of the series there is nothing more I can say except get your Switchs ready for some more heavy use, however if you are not yet a fan or have not yet picked up a Switch this may easily be the tipping point you needed to jump on the Nintendo hype train as this game is going to be the game everyone will be talking about for years to come.

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