Jason and I had the chance to try our hands on Destiny 2 today with a short play through of what looks to be the first mission during the fall of the last city. If you’re familiar with Destiny, then Destiny 2 shouldn’t come as a surprise. The shooter mechanics are solid, as always. The PC version we played looked beautiful as you’d expect it to be.

The hype that had built for the original Destiny that came crashing down in a ball of fire with the lack of long term options turned me away from the series. The expansions to Destiny did make it a more complete and better game, but the hype wasn’t there to pick them up. I kept an open mind for Destiny 2, but in the short play through I had, there wasn’t anything to rebuild the hype that was all but destroyed. If you love Destiny, then you will have a great time with Destiny 2, for me however, it’s a pass.

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