A lot has changed since we last saw LawBreakers at E3 last year. New modes, new characters and new areas, but one thing still remains the same, you will want to make gravity your bitch.

Quite possibly the biggest news was their announcement at the PC Gaming Show, “its only half a game they are only asking half the price” resulting that LawBreakers will be released with a $29.99 price tag for both the PC and PS4 (yes the PS4).  Eric and I had a chance to play on the PS4 this year at E3 and we are happy to report that the game still plays just as smooth and satisfying as its PC brother.

Currently there are 9 playable characters, 6 maps and 3 different game modes, with hopeful plans to expand them all.  While LawBreakers was already shaping up to a fine game, for $29.99 this is easily topping my must buy list when it is released August 8th 2017, yeah in like less than 2 months.

Of course you can listen to more of our thoughts on LawBreakers and a few other games as well on our podcast.

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