I got the opportunity to receive a code from 2Dogs Games and Bonus Stage Publishing and got to play through the first mission and side quests prior to its launch into Early Access on October 17th. Destiny’s Sword is a Sci-Fi graphic visual novel with an expertly crafted narrative written by M.D. Cooper, the New York Times bestselling author of the Aeon 14 series of novels.

In Destiny’s Sword, your choices don’t only affect the story, but also your team of soldiers. As a Commander in the Protectorate, its your job to lead them through challenging scenarios where you must make hard choices. In the first mission you are tasked with dealing with a rebel insurgency amidst widespread protests on a colony. Do you come down with a heavy hand on the peaceful protesters in order to get to the rebels, or do you try to defuse the situation peacefully? These choices impact the outcome of your mission, as well as the morale of your team. Do they agree with your decisions? How does this affect them personally? As you go deeper into it, you learn more and more about your team and their personal motivations as you talk with them while not out on patrol.

2Dogs worked with psychologists and war veterans in order to make sure they were not only being respectful, but accurately capturing the different personalities and reactions to certain events. Your squad members are real people, and deal with addiction, depression, and panic attacks. Its up to you to help them work through these real life issues and become stronger. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the first mission and the few little side quests it offered, and I am looking forward to playing more and seeing the world that Destiny’s Sword has to offer.

Destiny’s Sword launches into early access on October 17th for $7.99 on Steam, will the full release scheduled for Spring 2023.

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