Counter Strike : Global Offensive is GO *Updated*

Valve announced recently that the newest update to the most popular FPS mod ever will be coming out early next year.  The interesting fact is that the game will be also coming to XBLA and PSN as well.   But in the age of Battlefield and Call of Duty will this veteran still be able to make a stand on the consoles?

Personally I wish this was an announcement for Half Life episode 3 but I am still interested in picking this game up to play on the big screen.

Valve confirmed that CS:GO  on the PS3 will be able to use either the dual-shock, the PlayStation Move and…..Keyboard and Mouse!!!  Are you kidding me! How awesome is that?..Oh you want more good news??  PS3 version will also be cross platform playable with Steam players on PC and MACs   o_O    So it will be just about the same experience getting it on the PS3 as a PC,  if valve makes it possible to have friends on PC as well as PS3 it may be the extra edge needed to make this a universal game.  Xbox 360 you get to only use the gamepad and XBL.


Check out the Counter Strike: Global Offensive announcement video here:




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