Borderlands 2 First Impressions

As all of you know, or should know (otherwise what the hell are you doing here), Borderlands 2 came out on Tuesday and I have spent the last 48 hours “Joy Puking” the crap out of this game.  Now according to 2k Games and GearBox the story missions should take about 60 hours to complete and that is not including all off the crazy extra shit you can do/find, trust me there is a lot.  So since I have not yet beat the game officially I do not wish to give it an official “I Beat It First” seal but I did want to tell you guys what I think so far….

Its Awesome! 

Its not every day that a game with so much hype actually delivers (Rage, you suck) but I tell you what so far this game is everything Ive been looking forward to.  First of all the humor and the looting remain in tact and Claptrap is still just as crazy and annoying as before.  Also the guns, the GUNS, there are a ton as promised and the variations are even more through the roof, however I feel like they have limits on when I can get certain types or bonuses.  The Graphics are vastly improved as everything looks much sharper and detailed the music is still awesome and usually worth a listen and finally the length of the game is staggering.

One Borderlands, One Shot, One Beer.

Really, my only one complaint is that there is almost too much going on sometimes, as at any given moment I will have; my character shouting random quips, Psychos telling me they are going to kill me, found ECHO communicators talking about random stuff and mission people giving me orders.   At some points in the game its hard to understand whats really going on as people keep interrupting each other, however later on in the game (when there is less to explain) it seems to get better and its only a problem if you want to hear everything that everyone is saying.

In total this game is awesome, seriously awesome, playing alone or playing with buddies, I have so far enjoyed my first 20 hours or so in Pandora and am looking forward to playing the crap out of this game.


Random: Fink’s Slaughterhouse appears to freeze for me on the Xbox.  Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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