I’m sure there are many out there saying “but why Eric?  It’s Kojima and Castlevania together!” and I’ll tell you why.  I own the first Lord of Shadows for the PS3 and have played a few hours of it late last summer (here is your first key right now).  I didn’t find it especially bad but I also didn’t find it especially good.  Then the unthinkable happened, my PS3 died and I learned a hard lesson.  Now is the point where you say “so, what’s the big deal?” and I tell you emphatically that all of that is the big deal.  I actually still had Lord of Shadows in my PS3 when it died and when I bought my new unit thought about booting it up, but I could never justify it.  I said to myself on numerous occasion “you only need to recreate a couple of hours of gaming” and then my other self said “yeah, but I don’t really feel like it”.  So I guess you can read this article as my mini review of Lord of Shadows, it’s ok but you will never want to play through any part of it a second time.  But hey, if anyone out there with a PS3 wants to play it and write a full review you can borrow my copy.

BTW, I think the dev behind the new game took a cue from the Naruto games and gave it a convoluted name.  The new game name is Castlevania: Lord of Shadow: Mirror of Fate.

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