Remember when Eric brought the news that the Darksiders franchise wasn’t bought during the THQ auction? Well, Darksiders 3 still isn’t happening, but only a couple days after the developers of said franchise, Vigil Games, was forced to shut down, they re-opened as Crytek USA in Austin. How fast? Well the auction happened January 23rd, Vigil shut down January 25th, and Crytek USA opened January 28th. They should relocate to Phoenix, Arizona so they can all themselves Crytek Phoenix, because that’s what they are, a phoenix rising from the ashes. So if you are a fan of the studio or the Darksider games, rest assured, the team is intact making a brand new game utilizing CryEngine 3 and “it’s going to be awesome” according to Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli. Head on over to Venture Beat for the full story.

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