Ever wondered: “Boy, I love the writers at IBeatItFirst.com sooo much!  They always talk about awesome stuff.  I wonder what their favorite games were over 2011?”

Of Course you do!  And you are in luck Billy as I am happy to announce our fave picks from 2011!

Aaron’s Picks:

#5 Minecraft: I guess i didnt think it was released this year, but the full version was. If you want a game to ruin your life DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! Plus i love all the merch out for the game! I am a sucker for that crap!.

#4 Portal 2:  Valve took portal 1 and took it to another level with puzzles.  I loved how they continued onfrom the first and i was soo happy to see glaidos again. I loved her sarcasm.

#3 Dead Space 2: Not much a change from the first one except for the fact that there was a voice to the main character which was awesome.  I still loved decaptating necromorphs and can’t wait to see what the next Horror game is going to be.

#2 Shadows of the Damned: My last game review said it all it had everything i wanted in a game Dark horse of the year.

#1 BattleField 3:  Any game that has consumed 75 hours of my life has to take my number 1.  Battle field in my mind finally jumped the Cod MW series for  hardcore FPS.  People will say COD but i garentee they play one game other then MW3 and i bet its fucking Madden.  BF3 was all about team work and if you dont understand that stay with MW3.







Eric’s Picks:
#5 Catherine:  Even though it had its flaws, it’s interesting mix of genres made it a pleasure to play and engrossed me in the story to the very end. The multiple amount of endings and varying story paths makes the replay value sky high. This is a welcomed break from the recent string of 4-5 hour games that you basically pay $15 an hour or more for (that’s less satisfaction for your dollar than you can get from most other forms of “adult entertainment”).

#4 Ico / Shadow of the Collossus:  Sure, it’s just a re-release of 2 old games but Team Ico did a great job of re-rendering 2 of the greatest games to HD and adding 3D without any of the original charm of 2 of the greatest games ever released. The added 3D actually made the world of SotC that more immersion and engrossing, giving a greater sense of vertigo to the amazing boss battles that make up the entire game.

#3 Batman Arkham City:  Great story, even more refined gameplay than the original, and some of the most amazing voice acting found in a game.

#2 Skyrim:  Great graphics, pretty much infinite gameplay, completely loaded story and a world so expansive that it takes 30 minutes to run from end to end.

#1 Portal 2:  Take all of the greatest aspects of the previous 5 games and put them in steroids. You name it, this game had it. This is my top pick from 2011 and might just end up my top pick for the decade depending on how the cards fall.








Jason’s Picks:

#5 Kinect:  2011 for the Kinect has been a lot of fun, there hasn’t been one particular game that stands out more than others but the entire experience over the past year has been great.  At least it doesn’t feel like another useless add-on.

#4 Beyond Good and Evil HD:  Yes this is another re-release of an older game, but by God it is so good.  I have now played this game on 5 different platforms and have beaten it a billion times.  Its only fair that one of my favorite games of all time makes my list.

#3 Dead Space 2:  Great example on how to make a sequel better than the first.  Dead Space 2 had everything a survival horror game should have and more.

#2 Uncharted 3:  Set at #2 but just barely,  I love the Uncharted series and this game did not disappoint, but you know what? Uncharted 2 was better and my number one was fantastic..

#1 Deus Ex Human Revolution:   This game  had everything, Great story, RPG elements, choices on how to play, expansive world to explore and mass murder.







Also for funziez, According to Google search queries the top games that bring you, the reader, here are:

Borderlands 2
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

Glad to know I’m not the only one who is batshit crazy about this game.


Thanks everyone for a great first year and remember,

According to the Internet I BEAT IT FIRST!

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