Man Alive, 6 days!  The PSN has been down now for almost a week and things are not getting any better.

Sony has recently announced that they are looking into if any personal information was stolen during the down time, in other words, looking to see if your Credit Card information was stolen. Personally I am worried about this entire thing especially since we are moving on the week mark of no PSN, however I can’t complain too much since, well, we dont pay for the PSN unlike XBL. As long as my personal information is ok I don’t mind too much, maybe Sony will feel bad and give us all a free game or coupon for the troubles ha ha.

Here is a link with a bunch of helpful information on the outage, in case you are more paranoid than I am:


In other IBIF news, I recently beat Nier (I think) and a full post will follow here shortly. In the mean time I have picked up Borderlands again, GOD I love that game. Let me know if you wanna play.



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