The Nintendo NX, officially known as Nintendo Switch, will be launching March 2017, a mere 5 months away. Unveiling the NX today was not by chance, as 3 years ago today, Nintedo discontinued the Wii.


The Switch is part home console, part mobile  tablet gaming platform. How does it work exactly? Well, it has a docking station that you plug the tablet into, and and the controller splits in two, slides onto the tablet, and then you can take your gaming with you. It even has a traditional controller option. Think of it as if the Nvidia Shield Console and Tablet had a baby. Speaking of which, I’m guessing Nvidia is likely the chipset maker for the Switch. [Update: Nvidia has confirmed that the Switch is using a custom Tegra processor]


Oh, and yes, there will be Zelda, on launch. Nintendo confirmed that Zelda: Breath of the Wind will be on the NX. Also shown in the video was Skyrim, so finally, some hardcore gaming, even if a bit dated, is coming to a Nintendo platform. Oh, and yes, Mario Kart. Not much else is known right now, but we’ll keep you updated as this story develops.


Nintendo announced a large list of 3rd part developers that have committed to the Switch, as well as some press shots of the console and various accessories. It looks like there will be a head rest mount so that you can mount the tablet in the car while you play in the backseat. In addition, there will be game cards, so physical media will be a thing on what looks to be very similar to an SD card. As with the 3DS, we expect ad-hoc gaming to be a major feature of the Switch, allowing you to meet up with friends and play wherever you are. Check out some of the images below.


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