Star Wars has its Return of the Jedi, and Lord of the Rings has its Return of the King. Now Mass Effect has its Return of the Mako. Ok, maybe Bioware won’t call the next installment Return of the Mako, but it is returning, and in a big way.

Bioware did some talking and showed off some concept art at San Diego Comic Con, and The Escapist has a nice recap video showing off some video of the Mako prototype in action. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the Mako, using it to explore distant planets and whatever else they come up with for you to do in it. Sounds a lot like ME1, which is what hooked us all on Mass Effect isn’t it? I mean I beat ME1 3 times with the same character, something I haven’t done with any other game. What differs here, is that you’ll actually be able to customize your Mako. To what extent we don’t know yet, as the game is still years away from being released, so it better be a lot. I know I would like to throw a good ol’ I Beat It First logo on there, as well as a nice coaxial minigun to the Mako’s main cannon, but that’s just me.

Mass Effect 4 is being built with Frostbite, the engine that powers the Battlefield series, and now everything non sports related at EA. So expect the worlds you visit to look good as the Mako runs around them like the total badass tank that it is. That said, it is possible they add in some of Battlefield’s destruction into Mass Effect, which would only add to the awesomeness of the Mako. What do you want to see in the epic Return of the Mako?


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