Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

HOORAY!!!!!!  That’s right folks, it’s official that the previously Japan only release is now coming to the USofA!  The game includes the previously Japan only version of the original Kingdom Hearts, Final Mix, as well as the PS2 port of Re: Chain of Memories and the DS game 358/2.  ALL IN GLORIOUS HD!  I for one cannot wait to replay the first KH game (especially since I have a slim PS3 that doesn’t play PS2 games now) as well as 358/2 that angered me when it was a DS only game.  Now all that we need is the anticipated release of KH3 to be announced, hopefully adding Star Wars to the mix.  Click the READ MOAR to see some screen shots of the upgraded versions.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIXKingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

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