Story: Shinichirō Asano is a high school student who ends up meeting a beautiful girl by the name of Sakaya Shimazu, the 37th head of the Shimazu family. The Shimazu family seals away monsters using spirit magic, and Sakaya’s form is Spirit Archery. Shinichirō’s has the unique ability to learn the true name of monsters and magic users. The first person to say their true name has the ability to order them around. His kiss also has the ability to send spirit energy to another, which makes him useful for Sakaya. Together they fight against a western mage who summons these monsters in hopes of defeating the Shimazu family.

Themes: Magic, Supernatural, Fanservice

Where and When to Watch: Crunchyroll.


Review: Isuca is near the top of my list for shows this winter season. You have Shinichirō who is thrown into a world he didn’t even know existed, much less the spiritual power lurking inside himself. Then you have Sakaya, the bratty girl that is determined to show the Shimazu family just how strong she is by taking on the burden of sealing away the monsters herself, all to be the head of the family, something that turns out to be in jeopardy with some supporting her sister to take over the role. The relationship between Shinichirō and Sakaya grows throughout the season as you learn more about her past, her motivations, and Shinichirō’s power. Then you have Sakaya’s sister, which you learn more about her own motivations and why she has such a distaste for Sakaya. The only downside I’ve seen from this show so far is that standard fanservice nonsense. Oh, I tripped, but my hands landed on your boobs, or my face is in your crotch, all by accident, what a coincidence. Luckily, they focus more on the story than the fanservice, which makes this a show worth watching, but those moments are there. The season only last 10 episodes, which is a bit of a shame, as this was on my favorite anime’s this winter season.



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