Well The PSN is still down, nuts as it is I can’t say I’m killing for it to come back. I mean. I’ll be happy once it is, but I’m just not as big a “online” player as some other people…and some people are crazy. Some good news about this is PS Europe has announced that they are going to give everyone free games for both PS3 and PSP, and God hoping they will give us the same benefits here in the States. Hell not playing online for a month and I get a free game…Worth it ^_^(but not if my info was stolen haha). On the sad side of it all is Sony is bleeding money from this entire outage and and not making any back, I even purchased Portal 2 on the xbox since I knew I wanted to play with friends (that’s not a good sign) it will be interesting to see how Sony is gonna pull this one off without leaving a bad taste in our mouths, especially with a new platform on the horizon.










Right now I’m popping through two new(er) games. Like I said I purchased Portal 2 and I’m also running thought the tedium of Crysis 2. So far Portal 2 is amazing, just as fun and witty as the previous, just you know, with a lot more people behind it. Meanwhile Crysis 2 seems to be slow paced especially for me being such a badass (in game and IRL of course) but I’ll delve more into that later, when I’m the first to beat it.












Also, I’m surprised/not surprised how bad Brink’s ratings have been. This was a game I thought sounded kinda interesting but after spending some time with it, they really dropped the ball. The idea of melding single player and multiplayer together in one experience seemed awesome but not when its just over and over again. As far as Im concerned Borderlands did it best with anytime jump in jump out play and an actual awesome storyline. Also it bugs me to no end when games are made solely for online play. Let say I pick this game up next year and nobody is online now I cant fully enjoy the game. I know, I know, developers dont care about the gaming aftermarket but if you really want your game to be art then you better make it timeless.  Just my two cents.

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