Today FUNimation announced it’s Broadcast Dubs of the summer season’s most popular shows, 6 in all, 3 new. What is a Broadcast Dub and why should you care?

Broadcast Dubs is FUNimation’s term for shows that are currently airing in Japan, and streaming on FUNimation in a subbed form that they have started to dub and release as the show is on going. This means you don’t have to wait months just to watch the dubbed version of a show, but weeks. It’s pretty impressive the turnaround FUNimation has been able to do on these shows.

Now that the idea of a Broadcast Dub is out of the way, let’s get into what we get this season. Out of the 20 they are currently steaming, 6 of them will have Broadcast Dubs. 3 of these shows are carry over from the spring season, that being The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Ninja Slayer, and Ultimate Otaku Teacher. The 3 new ones being Gangtsta. (yes, that period is part of the title), Sky Wizards Academy, and Prison School. The first two being ones I personally am watching, and enjoy watching each week. The only other ones I might like watching of dub, or at least continue to watch every week is Overlord, and then secondly Snow White with the Red Hair. I’ve also started catching up to Chaos Dragon, but I’d say it would go in that order of importance. Anyways, you can catch the casts and a preview of the three new shows below.


Summary: In a city filled with sin and scandal, Worick and Nicolas have made a name for themselves as men who can get the job done. As a super-powered Twilight Nic has no problem getting his hands dirty, but when the situation requires a little more charm Worick is ready to use his own unique skills to keep the situation under control. Working independently, taking jobs from both the mafia and police, these unique Handymen navigate the seedy underworld of Ergastulum in style leaving a trail of chaos behind them.


Ian Sinclair  Worick Arcangelo
Brandon Potter  Nicolas Brown
Felecia Angelle  Alex Benedetto
John Swasey  Chad Adkins
Aaron Roberts  Cody Balfour
Christopher Bevins  ADR Director
Jeremy Inman  Asst. ADR Director
Domonique French  ADR Engineer
Greg Taylor  Asst. ADR Engineer
Phillip Jones  Asst. ADR Engineer
Jared Hedges  Lead Writer

Sky Wizards Academy

Summary: Forced to retreat to floating cities due to an invasion of magical armored insects, humanity must now depend on Sky Wizards to battle the menace via mid-air battles. Once known as the “Black Master Swordsman,” Kanata Age is now considered a traitor and is assigned to lead an F-class of mismatched mages. Misora Whitale has all the enthusiasm to be a leader, but she’s failed 100 consecutive tests. Rico Flamel is a genius sniper, but she’s a little self-absorbed, and Lecty Eisenach is a candidate with all the ambition but zero confidence. It’s up to Kanata Age to train the troubled trio to become accomplished Sky Wizards.
Joel McDonald  Kanata Age
Tia Ballard  Misora Whitale
Megan Shipman  Lecty Eisenach
Dawn M. Bennett  Rico Flamel
Felecia Angelle  ADR Director
Jose Sandoval  ADR Engineer
Todd Chism  Asst. ADR Engineer
Phillip Jones  Asst. ADR Engineer
Greg Taylor  Asst. ADR Engineer
Monica Rial  Head Writer

Prison School

Summary: Hachimitsu Academy, a prestigious, historically all-girls school, has finally become co-ed. Average teen, Kiyoshi, is one of five boys to enroll. What he doesn’t know is that the school is clandestinely ruled by an Underground Student Council of ruthless, cruel, totally hot female students! And when the boys get caught peeping, they’re sent to the school’s prison, which is run by the brutally seductive warden, who also happens to be the VP of the Underground Student Council. After the boys are forced endure manual labor, whips, and chains, they’ll be left wishing they were locked up with actual criminals!
Austin Tindle  Kiyoshi
Eric Vale  Gakuto
Sonny Strait  Andre
Chris Bevins  Joe
Clifford Chapin  Shingo
Tia Ballard  Mari
Whitney Rodgers  Meiko
Alexis Tipton  Hana
Kristen McGuire  Chiyo
Smokey DeLange  Chairman
Sonny Strait  ADR Director
Jeremy Woods  Lead ADR Engineer
Patrick Morphy  Additional ADR Engineer

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