Game Informer posted a video interview with Bungie about their upcoming game Destiny, which shed some more light on how the game will play. You saw the screen caps we took during Sony’s E3 press conference, as well as the live stream. If in some case you missed it, and how DARE YOU miss it, you can check out the video below, and head on over to Game Informer to watch the interview.

So is it an MMO or not? I say not quite, but sort of-ish. My analysis of what I’ve seen thus far tells me that it’ll play out similar to Borderlands, where a few of your friends can come join your game at any time, and in the case you have no friends, it’ll match make you some other loaners to join you in the fight, so that you are never truly alone. Destiny will also feature certain areas of the map that will be “Public Zones,” where large public events/boss battles will happen and match making will happen on the fly to bring in other groups of players to join you in the battle, should you choose to fight it. So it looks to keep that Borderlands multiplayer experience, with small groups fighting together, with larger groups joined together for bigger fights, without saturating areas like a traditional MMO does.

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