Difficulty played: Normal (Wish I played on Hard)

Difficulty felt: Super Easy

Platform: Xbox 360

Time : about 10 hours

Since this is my first ramble post about an actual game I will let you know that I am an explorer.  I will always take the longer route or harder path as I believe (and am always right) that the longer you spend with something the better your rewards.

Dead Space 2 is one of those new style adventure games where it basically like you are on a predetermined path but with events happening along the way more like a ride then a game (ie gears of war, any call of duty) but what a ride.    I have obviously played DS1 and enjoyed that as well but there was something more epic and entertaining about DS2 then the first,  a lot more moving around and environments made game feel less like a walk shoot-a-thon like the previous

Firstly I enjoyed the story line much more got into what the hell these people were thinking, as it gave the plot more of a “real feel” rather than just being “man thems people crazy”.   I still wasn’t too impressed with the interaction between characters but at least this time there was some actual one on one time/ stabbing.

I also enjoyed the wider spectrum of enemies I encountered although the majority of the time it was just the normal necromorphs.  Even though the crawlers were probably the easiest to defeat, the fact they were little babies and the “intro” they gave em made me hate/fear them more than the normal 4 armed baddies

Now I’m not a normal person to be jumpy or scared easily but there were a few “oh fuck” moments in the game that even made me pull the trigger probably too early.  This was refreshing as the previous game and other games like Resident Evil/ Silent Hill seem to have lost this.  On a side note returning to the Ishimura mid game was the only time I felt uncomfortable, amazing that a game could make me have memories of another game an feel the same feelings as my character well done in my opinion.

Few scenes to remember would for sure be the “launch” across  the space station, The drill to the eye and death if you messed up, the final boss battle was kinda lame but the way it was presented was fun (especially if you die).

Some things I didn’t really like was the fact that they gave you a crap ton of weapons I personally only used 3 didn’t even bother buying others.  Did I cut my self short, maybe but for a first play-though I could care less, all you need to beat both DSs is the plasma cutter, shit they even give you an achievement for using only it in the first game.  Also my favorite gun..the Ripper.. was totally nerfed and way more awkward to control instead of mowing down floods of enemies, I was lucky to get the legs off everyone.  Also I didn’t overly like the part at the end when I let all the necromorphs into the inner sanctum, like dood you just made it harder for yourself and got a lot of people killed, I wont go into it much but lame all the same.  Small complaint as well was there was another regenerative boss like guy at the end as well he was super easy and didn’t do anything compared to DS1, also I know I’m picking at threads here but you never actually destroy him meaning hes still out there regenerating…who cares right.

I Beat It First.



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