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Greetings Auraxians, and welcome to the Auraxis News Network News Update! I have traveled all across Auraxis to bring you everything that is happening. In this edition you will find the following topics covered:

  • Q&A with the Customer Service Team
  • Developer Update
  • Battle Report
  • Fan Art
  • Fan Fiction
  • Fan Music
  • Battlefield Training
  • Event Spotlight


This weeks sneak peek Q&A that aired on Friday Night Ops was with Quality Assurance team. They answered questions about finding bugs, where they look for people reporting bugs, what they love about their job, and more. Give it a watch.

Auraxis News Network News Update Developer Update banner.
Game Update 4 is incoming! There will be updates to the Flash, such as cloaking for infiltrators and an additional seat to bring a friend along who can fire their gun. The VR area is also coming, so you’ll be able to practice tactics, shooting, driving and flying all resource free.  The empire specific rocket launchers will be coming the week after GU04 goes live, and there are some other hotfixes in this major update. Click here for the full rundown. Matt Higby did an interview with talking about the Player Site, Roadmap, and the Mobile App. Check it out here. We also have a look at a new hex system, a more in depth look at the new TR helmet, and a new NC helmet.


Auraxis News Network News Update Battle Report

The Planetside 2 has decided to start filming epic battles, so for this Battle Report, we look at their first episode of the War Correspondent.


Auraxis News Network News Update Fan Art banner

We have a major fan art update of pure awesomeness from Lunaleska! You can keep up with her art and send your praises over at Planetside Universe.




Auraxis News Network News Update Fan Fiction banner.

The Eternal Solider is a short story by Sonny, and you can read an excerpt below:


The first time you die, your body fights back. You clasp onto life like gripping a rope as the sea envelopes you; you scream with rage, your limbs thrash like a caged Kraken, your lungs roar with deep spasms, your breath labours until the last second, until finally, you shudder into darkness. The second time you die, you feel nothing. Your body accepts the turning as if fading to sleep. You silently embrace the blessed solitude in amongst the chaos of total war.

I have died nearly 10,000 times. I have killed countless thousands more. Most of those I knew have long gone. I have no family, no home to go to. I am nothing more than a shell, an empty vessel through which the hammer of the Terran Republic may smash their enemies and return peace to Auraxis. I am one of the last originals. I am the 100-year soldier.

Read the rest on Planetside Universe.

Auraxis News Network News Update Fan Music banner.

We have a Freedom Over Oppression from AcemanXI.

Auraxis News Network News Update Battlefield Training banner.

In this issue of Battlefield Training, we take a look at the Lightning Tank. Training video by Level Cap Gaming.

Auraxis News Network News Update Event Spotlight banner.

Gamepocalypse 2013 on Mattherson is coming up fast. March 16th is little over a week away, so show your support for the Wounded Warrior Project and get some awesome gaming in!

Thanks for tuning into this ANN News Update, we’ll see you next time, until then, cover your six!

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