Story: If you’ve watched season 1, you know the story of the show. Season 2 picks up 19 months after the WTF events at the end of last season. For those of you who haven’t seen any of Aldnoah Zero, I’ll give you the back story. Humans discovered an ancient alien hypergate on the moon, and used that to travel to Mars, where additional technology was found. Those that settled Mars became the Vers Empire, a feudal society that eventually waged war on earth, a conflict which ended up shattering the hypergate and moon with it. A peace was made, and season one opens up with Princess Asseylum of the Vers Empire making a trip to Earth in order to keep the peace, only to have her body double assassinated by some Vers Knights in order to blame it on Earth, and have a reason to go to war. The story centers around her during this new war, with her becoming friends with Inaho Kaizuka, whose intelligence allows him to pilot a orange training mech to take down the Superior Aldnoah mechs of the Vers Empire. His main rival in the show is Slaine Troyard, who is of human birth but is a member of the Vers Empire. The rivalary between the two goes beyond just the war however, as they both hope to win the Princess’ heart.

Themes: Mecha, War, Sci-fi

When and Where to Watch: Crunchyroll.

Season 2 Trailer:

Review: So you know how season 1 ended and you were like WTF?! WTF just happened? How can they have a second season after that? Then season 2 kicks off and you see how, and you say god dammit to yourself. All that shit for nothing. That’s really the lowest point of the season, as just like the first, the season picks up as it progresses. Season 1 was the Inaho show, and season 2 is the Slaine show. Slaine now has the Princess and her half sister, and really begins to climb the ranks of the Vers Empire in his quest to create a new kingdom that he controls. Slaine really becomes a badass this season, but it all comes to a head in the final episodes with moves being made by the princess, Inaho, and Slaine, ultimately having Inaho and Slaine come head to head in a final showdown. The show seems to be wrapped up by the finale with all three characters growing up along the way. There is still a possibility for a third season,which if there is, I suspect it to be Asseylum’s rise to power, just as Slaine and Inaho had, but I wouldn’t expect it.

Season 2 Premiere:


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