Something kinda interesting today as you all may know, Microsoft has a a few pretty good games for sale today on Xbox.

Limbo, Shadow Complex, Trials HD, Monday Night Combat and Castle Crashers are all available for 600 MS points each (approx. $7.50).  I personally purchased Shadow Complex when it first came out and LOVED it like crazy. SC is what the new Metroid games should be (not the whiny Bitch they are).  Anyway I digress I will most likely pick up Limbo tonight Ive been playing with the Idea of purchasing it for a long time and this may just be what it takes to get off the fence.  Castle Crashers was cool 2 years ago but now it just seems like a chore to play again.  Trials HD fuck that, and MNC kinda got old for me after playing the demo…but it was fun. Anyway let me know if you guys are gonna pick anything up or if I should give anything a second look.

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