In case you haven’t seen all the reports, the Xbox One runs at a lower frame rate than the PC or PS4, even as low as 20 frames per second.  Seeing the issue Microsoft has announced they will release a patch that will allow developers to use the GPU processing power usually on reserve for the Kinect.  Using the Kinect’s processing power renders around an 8% boost, and while that doesn’t seem like much it may just be enough to keep the heat off.  Keep in mind the Kinect isn’t actually going anywhere, they are just making the GPU available for a developer to use, instead of the Kinect.

Three things I see wrong with this are:

  1.  If the Kinect is such a “key part” to the XB1 then why is it the first thing they are willing to cut?
  2. If the Xbox 1 is already having to make sacrifices to try to keep up this early in the game they may be in for a bumpy road as developers will usually go for the easier platform.
  3. This then means you can kiss the idea of any “high end” Kinect games goodbye as apparently you can’t have both…

Although there isn’t any word yet on when this patch will be released I am more curious on how long it will be until I can purchase a Xbox 1 without the Kinect all together haha.

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