The recently announced PlayStation Now (Follow link to register for the beta) will stream PS3 games directly to the PS4, this is nothing new and was promised from the start using the Gaikai’s cloud servers.  However, new information is pointing to the idea that PS2 and PS1 games may be run directly on the PS4 via emulation WITH the possibility of HD enhancements!  The reason this is cool is because this means the PS1 and PS2 games will no longer be streaming, and the HD update would be a part of  the emulation thus basically bringing some inkling of backwards compatibility to the PS4.  Thinking ahead, this would also do away with all of the HD remastered games out-there and get rid of that blurry look playing older games on your new TV.  As for when this will become available or how much it will costs we will probably need to wait until PlayStation Now is out, but my guess being the end of the year.  Head over to EuroGamer for some nifty HD up-scaling examples we could come to expect if this comes to fruition.

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